Reasons why this is the best time to invest in real estate.

Real estate has been one of the main options to invest in so lets see why this is the best time to invest in real estate. Families and couples for decades have invested and dreamt of investing in real estate. Not only have they invested but it has proven to be the right decision. As the price of property rose, the investors made a lot of profit.

In 2016, real estate was hit by demonetisation. Real estate act (2016) was also a big blow for the business. This was considered to be the ‘Third Black Swan’ for the real estate business. Post that the business has been running smoothly. Covid-19 hit the world in 2019, but this has not reduced the demand for real estate. In these tough times, people are insecure about a number of things. They need security in these trying times. A survey states that 92% of people would like to have physical assets. It is less of a volatile asset.

Fixed income options are not looking great at this moment, but returns would come once the economy starts again post Covid-19. There are astounding offers available at the moment. The developers are offering exciting offers at this time. They are giving relaxed payment schemes. The mixture of these exciting offers and lowered interest rates has improved the demand for real estate. The home loan rates are also conducive. Even though home loan rates have been stagnant for the last 5-6 years the home loan rates are at an all time low. Buyers don’t have to save for their lifetimes if they have a dream of owning a home.

Easily available home loans at low rates have been a great help for people who do jobs. They can pay a portion from their salaries and own a house quite comfortably. The home loan interest rate will definitely decrease post Covid-19. RBI has also decreased the Repo rates. This will increase more investments as well as increase cash flow. There is still growth in value housing segments; Covid-19 has not decreased demand for home loans. A study reveals that 75% of young couples and millennials aspire to own a house in the next three years.

The influx of technology has also changed the game. It is an important aspect in every field of work. Technological revolution has proved to be a game changer. Real estate business is no different. Many developers are experimenting with newer technologies to improve the experience of their customers. Developers have started to create hassle free digital platforms to buy homes for buyers convenience. They don’t have to visit a particular location to buy  property. They can do it while they are at home through their phones.

These are the major reasons why after Covid-19 and the third ‘Black Swan’ real estate is still going strong. It is still one of the main options when it comes to investing somewhere. Hence, if you’re looking to invest in property this would be the best time to do so. These past years are a testament to the growth and stability of the business.


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