If you are looking to know Stamp Duty in Ghaziabad then you are at the right place. Generally, stamp duty charges and property registration fees differ from one State to another. These charges are levied at the time of registration of a property. Paying such charges authenticates a homebuyers’ ownership of the property. Hence, it is mandatory to pay stamp duty and to register your property. Propertyyy.com shares an insight into the costs involved in Ghaziabad stamp duty.

Stamp Duty in Ghaziabad
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After buying in on the property of your preference, it is important to get it registered. The home buying process is incomplete until you get it registered with the respective municipal authority. A property registered in the name of the owner is safe from any disputes or frauds. A homebuyer can easily register the property with the State government by paying the stamp duty charges.

To register a property in Ghaziabad, owners have to pay stamp duty and registration charges to the Registration and Stamp Department of the State. These charges are based on the property price registered or the ready reckoner rate, whichever is higher.

Registration charges and Stamp duty in Ghaziabad

The Uttar Pradesh government demands stamp duty and registration fees at the time of registration of the property. It is important to know the current house registration charges and stamp duty in Ghaziabad. Right now, the stamp duty rates in Ghaziabad are charged at seven percent. The stamp duty in Ghaziabad is levied on all categories of buyers including males, females and joint property owners (male and female).

The State government has, however, provided a rebate for the female owners in Ghaziabad. If the property is bought in the name of a woman, the government grants a discount of Rs 10,000 on the total stamp duty charged.

You can pay Ghaziabad stamp duty charges online, too. The online method for property registration in Ghaziabad is easy and hassle-free. For registering the property in Ghaziabad, the State government levies one percent of the market price of the property or the transaction value, whichever is higher.

Registration and Stamp duty charges in Ghaziabad
OwnershipStamp duty ratesRegistration fees
Male7 percent1 percent
Female7 percent – Rs 10,0001 percent
Joint (Male and Female)7 percent1 percent

Let us understand the stamp duty and registration charges applicable on a property worth Rs 50 lakh in Ghaziabad for male and female owners. Assume that a man and a woman buy two adjacent properties in the twin city. Following will be the total cost of the property for them:

Stamp duty payable by Man = 50,00,000 * 7/100 = Rs 3,50,000

Registration fee = 50,00,000 * 1/100 = Rs 50,000

Hence, total cost of the property for Male = Rs 50,00,000 + Rs 3,50,000 + Rs 50,000 = Rs 54,00,000

Stamp duty payable by Woman = 50,00,000 * 7/100 – Rs 10,000 = Rs 3,40,000

Being a woman, Simran gets a rebate of Rs 10,000 on the total stamp duty charged.

Registration fee = 50,00,000 * 1/100 = Rs 50,000

Hence, total cost of the property for Woman = Rs 50,00,000 + Rs 3,40,000 + Rs 50,000 = Rs 53,90,000

Documents required for payment of Ghaziabad Stamp Duty and Property Registration Fees in Ghaziabad

  • Sale Deed
  • Tax paid receipts of the last three months
  • Power of attorney, if any
  • A copy of all registered previous agreements (in case of resale property)
  • Latest bank statements
  • Encumbrance Certificate
  • Sale agreement
  • Electricity bill
  • Sanctioned building plan
  • Occupancy / Possession certificate from the builder

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