SBI Credit Card Status

If you are looking to check SBI Credit Card Status online of application, then you are the right place.

We have listed down a very simple way to check or track your sbi credit card online with or without your application number. And since the process of check application status of SBI card remains same for all the card that SBI offers. Hence you can freely use the following steps to check the application status of any sbi credit card you applied for, whether it is SBI Simply Click or FBB or Platinum or any other. So, the process remains the same to track status of your sbi card online.

Step by Step Guide to check SBI Credit Card Application Status Online

For those who know the Application Number

Steps 1 to 2 for you, if you know your Application Number. The application number is the acknowledgment number that SBI Card issues when you apply for SBI Credit Card online or offline. If you don’t know the application number, then follow step 3 & 4.

Step 1. Go to and move to the following section on this page.

SBI Credit Card Application Status

Step 2. Click on ‘Check the status of your application’ and enter the ‘Application Number’ you received when you applied for SBI Credit Card online or offline and click ‘Track’

Once clicked, the SBI website will show the current application status of your SBI Card.

For those who don’t know the Application Number

Step 3. For people who don’t know their application status. Click on ‘Retrieve application’ as below

SBI Credit Card Application Status

Step 4. Enter your Date of Birth and PAN card number and click on ‘Retrieve’. Now SBI will show your application number. So, once you have your SBI Credit card application number with you, you can go ahead with Step – 1 & 2 to know the current status of SBI Card Application.

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